Author's Bio

Stacy-Ann Buchanan

Buchanan’s impact, entrepreneurial work ethic and achievements have led her to being selected as one of the 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada, one of the 150 Black Women Making Canada Better, one of the 150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health and landing a TEDx Talk.

The self-directed and self-funded award winning documentary, The Blind Stigma, made Canadian history when it debuted as the first documentary produced in Canada that takes an in-depth look at how mental health is perceived within the Black community, and cemented Buchanan as a documentary filmmaker.

As a recognized brand, The Blind Stigma has since branched out into a podcast that continues to explore such stigmas, dissect the multiple factors that aid towards mental illness in Black communities and provides a safe space for stories to be heard. Her body of work has firmly planted her career on disrupting systemic anti-Black racism by taking holistic approaches to dismantle the stigmas of how mental health is constructed and perceived.

Through raising awareness, directing positive dialogues to fuel resources, and orchestrating safe, transformative spaces for Black voices to be amplified, Stacy-Ann Buchanan’s ultimate objective is to take back the Black narrative.